Employment Services

We assist people with disabilities and help them keep real jobs in San Diego County.

Employment Services are geared towards maintaining individual competitive wage employment at local businesses. Our Direct Support Professional provides quality mobility training, job training, on and off-site job support services and follow-along to individuals and companies.

When a job has been secured, we directly support the client and employer with on-the-job training. Our team is available with training and advocacy when new job challenges present. The type and amount of intervention provided is determined by the individual and their circle of support.

Day Program Services

Our Imperial Valley Day Program Services are community-based and are provided for individuals seeking volunteer, work, and educational or social activities in their local community. This service is for people who prefer to work in small groups of three.

Tailored Day Services

Tailored Day Services are designed to maximize an individual’s choices and needs, with customization of day services through a 1:1 service ratio. Tailored Day Services provide opportunities for increased integration and inclusion, as well as further opportunities for the individual to develop or maintain employment/volunteer activities, pursue post-secondary education and social interests.

Transportation Services

The Imperial Valley Transportation Program offers individualized and group transportation services to and from home to community-based day program activities in the region. This program is also available for individualized transportation services to San Diego County for a variety of reasons including medical appointments, family visits, or visiting alternative services due to a planned move to the area.


The Self-Determination Program is an innovative service design option available to Regional Center clients which empowers individuals the freedom to design and choose the support services at the frequency that meet the needs of their person-centered plan. The individual makes decisions based on what is important to them. Outside the box services and supports are allowed by Regional Center vendorized or non-vendorized service providers. All participants are responsible for developing a budget and spending plan to contract and maintain their paid support network.